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September 2019



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Sep. 12th, 2019

Let me introduce myself

I have been here before
First I was serious
Writing words of Truth
Days past
long gone
Memories that would be forgotten.
The dead have walked here
Slowly seeking kingdom
Driving home fear
World's walk through
Hopeful to be seen
For eyes unassuming
Here we write dreams

Sep. 9th, 2019

(no subject)

The dream drifts slowly
Like fog blankets the world
Seeking a mind to settle
A wind that moves threw branches
Shifting leaves
Leaving silence
A stillness
Left behind by time passing
Drifting into nothing

Sep. 5th, 2019

(no subject)

I have been busy while away
I now have time to do stuff.
So part of the stuff I shall do is therealljidol
Also, i shall soon have comfy chair to write in so i may as well because i intend to write some now.


Aug. 28th, 2019

(no subject)

I haven't had time for much for a couple of years.
No quilting
No creative writing
Only a few verses.
Very little other crafts.
Have been doing a lot of mental screaming. That just keeps increasing.

Aug. 13th, 2019

(no subject)

Adopt one today!

Jul. 28th, 2019


I have floor.
Room nearly finished - just need base boards.

rant rant bleckCollapse )

I am working on my bacon brine.
First had too much salt, good but needs less salt.
Second was a bit too sweet, good but sweet.
Next try will be a mix of the two.
But that will be in the fall.

Beyond that I might have time to do some writing.

Jul. 24th, 2019


" It's hard to write surrounded by stupid"
as the other people in the mandatory study group glared at her she realized that she had spoken aloud.
"Sorry, I was talking about the people outside"
The souds of the political conversation continued to get louder. How could a group of people who supports the same candidate argue about what they stood for and were going to try to do.
Surely they told everyone at all of their rallies what they believed in a clear way.
Their were even contradictory view but they all stood fast to their belief. It just didn't make sense.

Jun. 23rd, 2019

Why I hate Rom-coms

Why, do you ask, do I hate Rom-coms?

Over board
Rich and spoiled woman falls of yatch and looses memory.
Carpenter she refused to pay pretends to be her husband and takes her to his place to take care of his home and children.
She falls for him and becomes a down to earth type.
Even after getting her memory back and realizing what he did chooses to stay.

While you were sleeping
Shy girl working on subway station is watching guy she likes. Guy is hurt and in coma. Girl says she is his feance to get into his room and lets his family believe it. Almost married guy but fell for brother instead.
Never actually talked to guy.

Several movies.
Person A gets job as person Bs assistant/secretary/other job were they work closely.
Person B is controlling, nitpicking and demeaning to person A.
Person A quits.
Person B needs person A and goes after.
Person B proposes.
Person A accepts.

Nuff said.

Jun. 13th, 2019

Arbitrary divisions

Invisible walls designed to divide people. Feeding the us vs them mentality giving rise to conflict and violence. Inhibiting the movement of people.
Another artificial devider of the species. Another man made excuse to divide the species. Another idiotic excuse for violence. For some simply dividing people up by skin tone isn't good enough. It gets taken farther.  European people are further divided into subsets like Irish, French, German, and Italian. Asian groups are divided into groups like Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese. In Africa its tribal groups.  More us v them. More reasons to hate and distrust. More dumb excuses for violence.
Humans even use spiritual belief and sexual attraction to justify hate and violence.
The species is so addicted to war. To hate and violence anymore such as to have too invent the lamest justifications for them.
They were born a mile south of X rather than north of X so they cant go past X.
We must defend X again those desperate unarmed families that are fleeing violence, poverty and famine. Can't let them cross over they are dangerous what with looking different and having nothing more than they can carry. They are not us they are them and them are a threat because of being different.
We are all for peace that is why we want to send armed people to X to kill everyone if them that steps foot on X much less north of it.
If armed people from South of X show up we will have to shoot them also. It's defensive. Preemptive. We don't want to but we have to.

It is all a massive amount of dung.
The louder the rhetoric gets the more it says "we want war", "we want violence", "we need hate".
The more it looks like humans will kill themselves off.
The less hope exists for a future that includes the species.
So much stupid.

Jun. 9th, 2019


Im makon bacon.
Honey apple cure
No nitrate or nitrite
Sea salt.

It should go well with tomato

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