I wasn't really feeling up to much today but got a bit done anyway.
I was actually going to get some sunshine and air but...
Parents put on talk radio and my father spouts out
"Of all the 16 thousand lies trump has told they have to flag this which is completely true"
Yes, it's about twitter putting a warning on trumps tweet about mail in ballots and voter fraud.
Republicans seem to think that any vote that is not for there party is fraudulent.
I am really not up to it right now.

Thank you

Thank you
To all who have served
To all who serve
To all who will serve
To all who have died
Fighting to protect us or others
Fighting to stop oppression
Fighting for what they believe
Thank you
May the Gods watch over you.

The Spot and Smudge series

A review encompassing a series of books by Robert Udulutch.
Spot and Smudge
The Glasgow Gray
Let Slip the Pups of War
Of Rogues and Revenge
A Wee Infestation of Jerrys
Do you like dogs?
Do you like science fiction?
If you said yes to either you should give these a try.
If you said yes to both then you will love these books.

Being the only surviving pups of a litter their dame barely survived to have is a rough start.
Protecting their family and friends is a hard job.
These two are up for the challenge because they are more than a little special and they are not about to roll over.

Idol entry home game w22

Were does my spirit live
In lonly forgotten halls
Fields of yellow flowers reflecting the sun
In distant echoes drifting on the wind
Dreams slipping through the mind
Cotton candy dissolving like mist on the toung
A world lost in time hidden by a veil
So many forgotten memories in darkness dwell
Would that I could travel there


Disappear for a couple of months and you miss a lot.
Here's the deal.
My phone died.
I had to use a cheap lite version phone until i could get a good phone.  A good phone this time not a decent phone.
So now I have a Galaxy a50.
Me likey
That said the quarantine is a bit bothersome.
I made a mask from a heavy satin brocade, and am crocheting blankets with blanket yarn. It is soft and fluffy.
I now have a vertical planter for my herb garden.
It looks like it is going to be thyme less this year.
Covid-19 has made people in this house annoying.
They are obsessing over my general health even more than usual. Like they think I'll drop any time.
My youngest is the worst.
Frankly I worry more about my Cub. She is nine now and while I can't catch it from her she could catch it from me.
I am not ready to loose her yet.
Anyway I am back to terrorize LJ again

Ljidol hg if the creek don't rise

Birth of the desert

Walking carefully threw the tall grass she made sure to stay on the path. One person wide it made the village hard to find. She came out near the Tien, a creek and pond near by. The water was at the marker. The heavy rains were coming. She looked to see the clouds massing in the distance. The first of the storms would arrive around the time she returned.
She followed the path back as the first small drops began to fall. She stopped to watch the storm and her granddaughter walked over. A bright flash and loud rumble had her granddaughter gripping her leg as the sky burst open and the rain became like a wall. "It's okay Rhe, the storm is good. The rain renews." Rhe looked up and asked "What if the rain doesn't come?"
"Don't worry, it is as it has always been and always will be."

She felt old. The grass was a pale yellow. The season had been dryer than normal and the heavy rains were talking their time - again. She hoped that they would be stronger this time. She watched the clouds moving in from the front of the cave.
As the rain started her granddaughter Kie came over. Slowly the rain grew heavy but nothing like she remembered. Next year would be better.

She sat on the marker stone. What it marked she did not know but it overlooked the Tien - a small creek and pool by her village. The dry grass rustled in the wind as the rain shower started. She slowly stood and started back to the cave. Her granddaughter Nena came and helped her. "The rain will revive the grass.

She stood looking out at the blackened area with her granddaughter Pi. The fire had burned for days before the rain had started. The ground still hissed as the light rain fell. They would have to go put out any patches that were left once it was done. Once the wet season was done they would have to follow the heads.

The cave was cool, far cooler than the heat outside. It was where the people stayed during the wet season. The small stream known as the Tien would catch much of it and the land would turn green bringing the animals in. She stood up and went to get her granddaughter Mae and saw a dark mass in the distance. Light flashed within the wall moving in. She remembered stories of massive rain storms and wondered if this was one.
Lucky everyone was well inside when the wall of dirt and sand hit. It filled the Tien. Without the creek the animals wouldn't come. The people moved on.

She walked over to her granddaughter Mena. They were close to a small well located at what hardly qualified as an Oasis. Sighing she looked down at her granddaughter and said " Tonight we will drink our fill and move on to the next long stop." Mena looked up at her and asked "What if water fell from the sky like that strange man said?" She paused "Dear, that man was sun sick. It is as it has always been and always will be."

Epilepsy is a bother

Epilepsy is a complex disorder.
Used to be that seizures were classified as Grand Mal or Peti Mal. Not anymore.
Mine are generally non convulsive loss of consciousness seizures.
These are like when your computer suddenly reboots and you are the computer. You just sort of stop for a bit and then come back. From my perspective everything just jumps forward.
For instance, I had one while hanging out with someone I knew and he was talking. What I remember of what he was said is this "My friend who lives across the hall .... Eddy"
From this I learned not to ask a hard core Iron Maiden fan "Eddy who"
Most people can't tell when someone is having a seizure unless they are having convulsions, sometimes not even then.
I once spent a weekend in a psych ward do to what I think was the worse seizure I have ever had. It felt like my head was filled with static. I couldn't talk, I knew what I wanted to say but I couldn't find any words or make any sounds. The sound of talking made my head buzz. It seemed distant and garbled. I know I was having convulsions because I was told that the report said I was pulling my hair and banging my head.
Seizures can damage or ever destroy the neural paths in the brain. They can cause you to loose things from your memory.
The symptoms very depending on where in the brain they are happening. They can trigger depression and anxiety.
I sometimes have ones that effect sensory processing. They make me feel like I am cut off from what's actually there and plunge me into a mass of conflicting sensations.
I feel like I am being compressed into a tiny little point and stretched out across the universe. It's like I am floating, swaying back and forth, and am only half inside of myself.
Sometimes they cause me to repeat a sound or word the entire duration.
They are exhausting and disorienting.

The month

It has been a long month.
After recovery from a nasty sinus infection I was good for a few days before being steamrolled by a nasty flu. A weak and a half nasty flu. Then to make it even better a throat thing hit me. I ended up looking like I was trying to swallow two halos whole.
I am not recovering well. Feeling drained and congestion is not letting go
Tick yuck puddle duck

LJIDOL: my true North

The world tilted
Shifted in a way
Left is right
Up became down
It hurts.
Dominant apes
Smarter than your average apes
Beat chests and scream
Fling words like sewage
And ignore it
Some do.
Down is up
South is north
The world hurts
We hurt it
We can fix it
We just have to be
Not just smarter than average
Smarter than the smart ape
Able to see and hear
To feel and understand
A road that works for all
Not the best for me
But works for the world
To be better
A Truer North
Nature's North
Our True North