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changling Ways

Time for Change

26 January 1973
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When I was in HS there was a point when I had a paper that was coming due. My mother was not able to edit and type it up for me and my sister refused to. This put me into the position of having to edit and type it up myself. I spent several hours running every non sight word threw a hand held spell checking device and writing down the corrections before typing the paper up. They day after I turned that paper in the teacher called me up after class and scolded me about turning in an unedited ruff paper. When I was typing the report up I had inserted misspellings back into the paper dispite having the correct ones right there.
Now this is not something that would pose an issue for most people but I am not one of those individuals. I was born premature and was a blue baby. They do not know how long I was deprived of oxygen but there was some damage. The end result is that I am dysgraphic and my brain does not properly process and translate between sound and the written word. I run things threw an editing program but it does not catch everything.
Consider this a warning.

Warning this is a mature journal with mature posts

Otherwise I am divorced with three now teenagers. I have sever health issues including asthma and epilepsy. I am in the process of trying to get on disability. As such my children and I live with my parents. I sometimes vent in my journal. Feel free to skip those posts.
I currently use this space to keep freands updated on my life (he he - like I have one) and to post my writing.
I have self published a few things for the kindle threw amazon.com but you might find them ruff as I can not afford an editor. I hope to eventually beable to get someone to edit all three for me and update them there.
My life is not exciting and I do not get out much. The little I do get out is for running.
I also occasionally post images of my art and crafts.
I am pagan
I am otherkin
I must warn you.
I have what some might consider a bizarre and twisted sense of humor. I have been know to come up with a few jokes - not necessarily good ones - and have a general love of puns.
feel free to friend me if you like my writing.