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July 2016



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Jul. 9th, 2016

(no subject)

My twitter app keeps closing befor it opens.
Its doomed
Dooomeed I tell you

Jul. 4th, 2016

(no subject)

Its the Fourth of July.
Have fun.
Im all moved out into a camper and deconstruction has begun on my room.
I may have found some victom er players for a game.
My brother asked if I could run dnd 3 for him and his buddies.
Ah, test subjects for my cross over.

Jun. 21st, 2016

(no subject)

It is perhaps a sad comentary on my life that my first thought when Gajeel is introduced in the anime/manga was "I wonder just how many parts he can turn into mettle and extend?"
Yep, ya know your a geek and anime fan when you have not so pg thoughts about the characters.
Also, I currently have no life of anysort. Not gaming, romantic or sexual.
Then there is the terrable truth that I have a dirty dirty mind.
The last two things do not go well together.
Also, I have been known to read an adult comic now and again like -Zenophile- and -Not Ninja High School-

Jun. 17th, 2016

(no subject)

Been too hot, too humid, and well thats really it.

Bought done getting stuff out of my room.
Next sweeping up
Then demolition
Then cleaning
Wall board
Moving everything back in.
I dont get to help with most of it.
I have some comic book paper stuff and have been reading Fairy Tail and Ice Trail ( a prequil series for Fairy Tail )

Will post any stuff I draw up for general purusal.
My Laptop has been slow so Im going to have to have it gone over befor I do any heavy writing.

Jun. 9th, 2016

(no subject)

Oh hollow heart
Would be filled
As waiting cup
for bitter wine
A broken thing
Emptied but for pain
Seeping threw
Jagged crack
With ease
By angela crabtree

(no subject)

Know its been forever sence posting.
Been very buisy. Http://flickr.com/photos/akoriginals to see what Ive been doing.

Beyound that I have been streaming Fairy Tail and have gotten to ep 234.
DownersCollapse )

Feeling a tad down.

I know I am too messed up for a relationship.
Im compleatly fubar.
Cant be with someone I really care about, brain shuts down certain functions and I freeze.
Tried it with someone I could get along with but that didnt work out ether.

Now Im just a massive looser.
I know I should do more writing but I just havent been feeling it much.

Mar. 25th, 2016

(no subject)

She does dance
On foamy tide
Only seen
With sharpest eye
Waiting there
heart so brave
Join her now
Her wild ride

Mar. 18th, 2016


Trump is a hate mongering blow hard bully and an ignorant spoiled rich kid.
The wealth he has inherited gives many people the impression that he is succesful, dispite the fact that many economists have pointed out that he would be wealthier if he had never gone into any buisness at all, left his funds invested as they were and parted on the intrest.
His four divorces show just how little regard he has for people in general and women in particular as he has long treated all of his spouses as nothing more then an ornimental toy to be upgraided with the newest version.
He has never learned how to interact with people as anything other then inferiors, sycophants and underlings. As such he has absolutly no diplomatic skills what so ever. He is so bad at this that many of our allies have already disavowed him.
Then there is the violence at his rallies which he has been incuraging.
He has anyone who disagrees with him, asks questions he cant or wont answer, protesters and even anyone he just doesnt like the look of removed and has incuraged the audiance to strike out at those people.
I saw a mime that segested that there are no protesters at Burnie Sanders meetings because conservatives work - implying that liberals do not which is miles from the truth.
Thing is that there have been protesters at Sanders speaches, there has not been any violence at them.
Because Sanders respects people. Sanders respects others opinions. Sanders lets them speak about the issues they feel need be adressed and listens.
But I digress

The worse thing however about Trump is that even if his nomination is blocked it is foolish to think that will be the end of his nightmarrish run for office.
I think anyone with any sense knows that that missogonistic eletist narcissist will contunue to run after the nomination even if he has to do so as an independent.

Mar. 12th, 2016

(no subject)

Heart heavy
Eyes wet
Alone I stand
And would forget
Time spent
Him at hand
Better days
Came and went

Mar. 9th, 2016

(no subject)

Let me first state, I never ever initiate any sort of political discusion with my parents.
Dispit noting that most of the news is propoganda, they beleave much of it.
They ideolize Reagan and refuse to believe that current issues go back that far, that the apparent prosparity/low inflation they recall were fudged by the price caps that were placed on a large number of comodities. Price caps that were intentionaly so low that only those able to take advantage of bulk rates over a certain level could break even or make a profit.
This lead directly into the farm crisis. A crisis that was created to drive small operations out of buisness so that the large ones could buy up land cheap when banks forclosed.
Sence food comodities played a larger role in determining inflation the price caps made it seem lower then it really was and also helped keep food prices down so some people did better.
Once the price caps expired all of the built up inflation took effect.
Prices for ag products jumped right to were they would have climed too in the first place.

But I digress

My mother started in at me about Trump and his four bankrupcies came up.
I tried to tell her that he fabricated debt to shell compagnies he owned for all or those.
She blows up on how he "lost everything" in the 80's and his wife left him ( both false but I did not go into the fact that he filed in everyone of his divorces ) and even moved to some town that Im farely sure was a resort town.
Tried to tell her that he has never lost everything
She argued loudly that he had and it even took him two full years to recover.
She then ended the argument because I wasnt going to admit that Im wrong.
Sorry, did my research. Not just remembering how it was covered in the news back then.
Also, I am able too look at the evidance and the only way anyone goes from nothing to Fortune 500 in two years is if they are a brillient inovator such as Bill Gates.
The only thing Trump has shown any inovation at is concocting fabrications about past events in his life.
Also, that bankrupcy was so clearly just him hidding his assets befor his divorce to keep them from his spouse.

I really hate discusions of this sort with my parents.

Also, she prior to that she went off about comparing prices from now and the past - particularly art.
I said somethin about the disparity between the rise of the cost of higher education and wage increase over the last 50 years and she was like it wasnt any easier then.
I pointed out that a person working the advarage wage then needed to work like 10 - 12 hours a day to pay tuition then and now someone would have to work 20+ hours to do so.
She was like they didnt have help like student loans and grants.
Student loans are not help. Also they did have grants via the GI bill.
Then said that the increased dificulty was a mater of opinion.
No, it isnt. The facts are there. The numbers are there. Cost has increased over 200% while pay has been vertualy stagnant whin taking inflation into account.
Those are hard numbers not opinions.

My father has a habit of blowing up when you take the data and word of someone in the field who spent years studying the subject and wrote and published an artical on the findings over his.
This history includes him doing so violently. Like that would put what he thinks he knows about a subject ( him being a desil mechanic ) over that of a specialist in the actual field.
Sorry, but a mechanic who watches nature shows and other educational fair does not know more about Dolphins the a marrein biologist who has spent over a decade studying dolphins and their behavior.

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