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November 2016



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Nov. 27th, 2016

Randomy questions because I don't sleep much

Why dont hand heald electronics update app while in standby when it wont effect the preformance of activities?

Isnt it interesting that a lot of the time the reasons some people like something are exsactly the same as the reasons others hate it.

Do devices really save apps to the sd card? If they did wouldnt you be able to just move it between devices and still have everything?

Nov. 12th, 2016


Its been a few days sence desaster struck our fair nation.
I know that anger is one of the stages of grief.
Denial, anger, barganing, so one to exceptance.
Now I am not segesting we all move to axceptance, of course taking time to actualy vote would have been good for everyone and might have made things difrent.
I was sick and still made it out to cast a ballet.
I can say that a great many people are going to be rather disaponted over the next four years.
Some because it isnt in the power of the Presadent to repeal a constatutional amendment ( suck that up you mysoginistic dicks with your innys and beleaf that he will eliminate the 19 th )
Some because anyone with any sense knows that he is not going to do anything that will hurt his compainy. We can just about forget about an increese in the minumum wage ect.
While he may well build that useless wall there is no way he can make Mexico pay for it.
It is however time that we all pause
Take a deep breath
Calm ourselves down.

Overly exuberant and violent protesting will only make things worse.
It will increase the likelyhood of the nation crashing.
We need to do what we can to protect the nation and all of our citizens.
We know Trump wants to gut the EPA so that things like that mess of a pipeline and the eco-desaster known as fracking can progress even faster thew the nation.
We must band together on the state level to prevent the environment because for now congress and the white house certainly wont be
We also know that he wants to speed up the FDA by reducing the requirments for releasing medications. This would allow a great many dangeriouse drugs onto the market ( more then get there now )
Maybe someone should send the slug an audeo version of -The Jungle-

For now I am wishing for a cyobed that I could set to wake me in about 4 years.

Nov. 7th, 2016


I will be voting tomarrow.
I am hopeful that it will bring an end to the hypocrisy, at lest at home.
My parents denie that Trump is a crook while ranting about how crooked Clinton is.
Trump has two criminal trials coming up. I pointed out that he has been charged with fraud and rape. Was asked why he wasnt in Jail. Hillery hasnt even been charged with a crime.
Even had the audacity to sugest that all the sexual assult and rape charges were just ppl hired by the Clinton campaign to tarnish Trump. The man has been caught on tape bragging that his monie and fame let him get away with inapropreate sexual act towards women ( yes he was far cruder ).
They even excused his retard redicule act saying he was ridiculing Clinton. I know that they would never ever let any of the children or adults here get away with that sort of behavior.
It infuriates me that they are making excusis for a presidentail hopeful.

They rant and scream that I think they only watch fox.
I am well aware that they watch other news shows, they rant and rave about everything that they havent seen on fox or that dissagreas with it so they might as well be only watching fox as they wont accept anything that they havent seen on fox unless it fits the fox line. Also, they watch fox five times as much.
It makes my head hurt.

I watch the same news they do, im subjected to it and their rants when Im trying to be social.
As far as I can tell the only reason they denie as much as they can about Trumps deceptions and crimes and make excuses for what they cant denie is because hes not Clinton.
They state that they cant affourd another demicrate, even tho it was Reagon with trickle down economics who shifted the tax burden from the rich to the middle class and poor. The two Bushes made it worse. But they just cant beleave that is what fubared them.
Dont get that the prosperity they experianced under Reagon was the effect of price caps on comodities that created the farm crises and when those ended the prices jumped to were they would have climed other wise.

Trump might get rid of nafta, tho he has products of his manufactured in China and if he really plains to bring jobs back he should start with those he shipped elsewere.
He will likely push for the wall as he could fenagal the contract into his companies hands.
The only other real promise he made was to agree that madatory maternity leave was needed and I am farely certain that Clinton it more likely to fight that threw.
My mother beleaves he will follow threw with that and will increes minimum wage - he has stated that he thinks its too high as well - because his US employees have decent wages and maternity leave. I dont really beleave that them having a good union proves anything about Trump.
I do know that he has a history of not paying ppl when he thinks he can get away with it and owes a lot of monie to foren banks, has ties to the middle east and Russa.
I also know that he is a massive ass, the creeps tweets have invaded my twitter feed and I have had to deal with some of his supporters there. I am not subscribed to his twitter. I do not want to deal with this crap on twitter.
My twitter is mostly for haikus, other micropoetry, philosophy and table top rpg talk/jokes
I want to be able to relax reading and posting to twitter not deal with political nuts lobing around threats and thinking Trump can and will repeal the 19th amendment. I am so very very glad he cant.

Oct. 29th, 2016

Republican reasoning

Okay, i really really dont get it.

Better to vote for a corporate special intrest then someone who has gotten funds from corporate special intrests
Better to vote for someone charged with a federal crime ( fraud ) then someone under federal investagation ( of corse they voted for Bush while he was under investagation )
Better to vote for someone charged with rape then someone married to a person accused of rape.

If they really want the greater evil they should just vote for Lucifer or Cthulu, they might actually do something other then turn the country over to big buisness.

Oct. 14th, 2016

(no subject)

Been a while.
Cancer screen was negative.
Im doing a bit better.
No longer so enemic.
Body treated the Iron supplement like it was a mild toxin.
Recovery is slower then I would like.
I lost 11 pounds while sick for a month
Seeing nurologist again. On new med. No sezers but some tremors when run down.

Sep. 7th, 2016

(no subject)

My body is trying to give out.
Had a month of heavy menstral like bleading. Yep 30 days.
They took a tissue sample and gave ame depo provera shot friday.
I have been sick and throwing up sense. I cant keep the iron prescibed down ether.
Moms getting my meds.
Depresion is hitting me also.

Aug. 28th, 2016

(no subject)

Havent really done much online lately.
Did not have internet while my room was being gutted.
Its still not finished but I am back inside.
Its looking like Im going to have to have a histerectomy. Nothing really serious, Ive effectively been on my period for three weeks now.
Im taking iron and such.
My mother is all upset that I waited two weeks to say anything and set up a doctors appointment.
Yeash, the people around me freak out over the slightist little thing when it comes to my health.
If I get a little short of breath, start coughing hard, rest on the bathroom floor when Im sick and have been regurgatating everything.
Feal a tiny bit dizzy, hands and/or feet are all twitchy, even if I zone out a bit at times.
It gets really annoying.
My mother is usualy the worse, she tends to leap right to the worse case senario.
This time she was all certain it was cancer and went off about which cousins and aunts have had uterin cancer at what ages ( mostly in their 20s ).
Now, ok, they might be right to get a bit fussy when I get a little blue in the face but for the most part its all extreamly unneccissary.

Jul. 9th, 2016

(no subject)

My twitter app keeps closing befor it opens.
Its doomed
Dooomeed I tell you

Jul. 4th, 2016

(no subject)

Its the Fourth of July.
Have fun.
Im all moved out into a camper and deconstruction has begun on my room.
I may have found some victom er players for a game.
My brother asked if I could run dnd 3 for him and his buddies.
Ah, test subjects for my cross over.

Jun. 21st, 2016

(no subject)

It is perhaps a sad comentary on my life that my first thought when Gajeel is introduced in the anime/manga was "I wonder just how many parts he can turn into mettle and extend?"
Yep, ya know your a geek and anime fan when you have not so pg thoughts about the characters.
Also, I currently have no life of anysort. Not gaming, romantic or sexual.
Then there is the terrable truth that I have a dirty dirty mind.
The last two things do not go well together.
Also, I have been known to read an adult comic now and again like -Zenophile- and -Not Ninja High School-

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